Distillery Reinhard Wallentin

We produce fine fruit brandies directly at the campsite

Refined hard liquor, using the traditional method (distilled twice).
We use only fruits from our own orchard, so we can control the level of maturity and the quality.
The liquor is carefully distilled, so as to please everyone.

Until the ripe fruit is collected, cleaned, crushed and mixed a lot of time can pass. Then the barrels bubble and from the sugar of the fruit, slowly the alcohol starts to develue.
After several weeks of carefully and slowly fermentation the liquor and all the desired aromatic substances drip out of the cooler.
In the second distillation the undesired „Vorlauf“ and „Nachlauf“ are separated and all that is left is the „Herzstück“, the best part.

The hard liquor is still not ready yet. It has to rest and ripen at least a few months in its high percentage state in a glass balloon. Then comes the final stage. The best part of the distillate is thinned down to
approximately 40% to 45%, because, who likes to drink liquor that has 75% alcohol?
After filtering, it becomes clear again and is ready for filling in appetizing bottles.
It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

Now we have the chance to enjoy our work. Of course, in moderation. (The times of wild brandy orgies are gone).
The connoisseur enjoys the refined hard liquor in a stammed glass and takes small sips after smelling the wonderful aromatic flavours through the nose.
A TIP: Imagine the fruit in front of you, while smelling.

What do you like the most?

Plum liquor with the powerful flavour of the Voralpen or a tender apple, the bitter-sweet taste of the „Mostbirne“ (pear) or a
balanced „Obstler“ from apples and pears?
Or do you prefer the unmistakable flavour of the „Hollerschnaps“ (medlar) or the strange taste of the wild grapes?
Connoisseurs love the light, earthy, fruity spice of the distilled „Asperl“-fruit or the unmistakable taste or the exclusive „Vogelbeerschnaps“ (rowan berries).
If you like the strong taste that comes from our hard liquors stored in oak barrels, then the gold-yellow liquors from plums or apples could be the one for you.

A lot of alcohol?
Add it up:
1 Krügerl of beer (0,5 liters) holds the same amount of alcohol as 3 „Stamperl“ hard liquor (3x2cl with 42% vol.)

If you now have the appetite for a taste of home-made hard liquor, then here you will get just what you need:

Reinhard Wallentin
Kulmhof 1
3160 Traisen

Tel: 02762/62900
Mail: info@camping-traisen.at