Do you want to feel nature?

Hike through the canyon „Falkenschluchtklamm“ in Türnitz or explore the cave „Nixhöhle“ in Frankenfels!

If you prefer cycling, rent a bike at the campsite and cycle along the river Traisen on the bicycle lane Traisentalradweg [official Website]

Are you an adventurer? Pack your daypack and set of for a hiking tour trough the canyon Ötschergräben beside the mountain „Ötscher“. You will see the beautiful Myra Falls. After a rest at the tavern „Ötscherhias“ start your way back. We recommend to take the comfortable light train, the Mariazellerbahn after a long day hiking..

To do a trip on the Muckenkogel with the mountain lodge named Hinteralm in Lilienfeld is a ideal tour for the whole family. You can use the cablecar and start hiking at 950m up to the Hinteralm. When you arrive the top of the mountain, Peter, the host of the Hinteralm is already waiting with a hearty meal for you..

*Tipp* All summer long we offer guided hiking tours for the whole family.
This is your opportunity to get to know the mountains and valleys of Lower Austria even if you are inexperienced

Visit the capital Vienna

…but stay in Lower Austria: Traisen…

Take one day to get to know Vienna
and enjoy it’s unique atmosphere. It takes you 1 hour’s drive to Vienna, we inform you about free parking in the city.

The use of public transport is easy: You can reach all sights by underground, tramway or bus. Tickets available at the reception. It has never been easier!

*Tipp* Maps and brochures available at the reception desk.


When you see the beautiful monastery Stift Melk on the southern shore of the danube – then you are in the Wachau.

The Wachau is a region beside the Danube which is well known for wine and apricots.
It reaches 40 km from the city Melk to the city Krems and is cultural heritage, awarded by the UNESCO. 
The Wachau became a heritage site because it’s an international renowned winegrowing region and one of the most beautiful river valleys in the world. It takes you 40 minutes by car and is an all time favourite of our guests, naturally.

Ask at the reception desk for information, we give you maps, leaflets and tipps for a wonderful trip to the Wachau.


Mariazell has been one of the most important places for pilgrimage in Central Europe for 850 years. It is a center of attraction for thousands of pilgrims from all over Europe every year.

Hardly any other pilgrimage site in the world can look back on such an impressive past.
According to records, Mariazell was founded in 1157. An inscription above the main portal, giving the date 1200, means that we can assume that the building of the Romanesque chapel began at this time.

With inhabitants numbering only 2000, one can nevertheless assume over one million pilgrims and visitors will come to Mariazell annually.

We will happily give you further information and tipps for your visit in Mariazell!

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