Going camping and mountainbiking fit perfectly together!

The gentle hills of the Alps are ideal for biking. Numerous bike trails are easily accessible and signs show you the way through the trails.

Along the river Traisen you’ll find trails for every biking level. You can decide what level you want to do, and if you are ready to climb some hills or mountains.

Start your tour directly at the campsite!

Immediately at our campsite, the Tiefental (deep valley) route passes, not far from the Tarschberg route and other MTB trails, which can be extended to the Traisental-Pielach-Gölsental-tour medium or large. The XL-route has a length of 62 Km and 1.100 altimeters. This includes a route through the village Eschenau, which also passes by the popular Kaiserkogelhütte (restaurant on a mountain).

All trails can be accomplished with an E-bike. Please be aware of the FAIR PLAY rules on all bikeways.

You can get up-to-date information at the reception or at the village council of Traisen, by telephone, during the opening hours.

After the successful trip, we suggest to refresh yourself at Café-Bistro Wallentino at the campsite. We offer E-bike charging for free.

Our service for you:

■   free route information and updates for every level of difficulty
■   Signed mountainbike trails
■   Covered bike parking
■   Bike Service: air pump, washing area
■   Shop, Café Bistro Wallentino