Mariazell has been one of the most important places for pilgrimage in Central Europe for 850 years. It is a center of attraction for thousands of pilgrims from all over Europe every year.

Hardly any other pilgrimage site in the world can look back on such an impressive past.
According to records, Mariazell was founded in 1157. An inscription above the main portal, giving the date 1200, means that we can assume that the building of the Romanesque chapel began at this time.

With inhabitants numbering only 2000, one can nevertheless assume over one million pilgrims and visitors will come to Mariazell annually.

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On narrow traces…

Enjoy the nature and go by Austria’s most famous light railway, the Mariazellerbahn.

The Mariazellerbahn reaches more than 85 km from Lower Austria’s capital „Sankt Pölten“ to the famous pilgrim’s center „Mariazell“. While going by train you’ll cross the „Alpenvorland“, the hilly region with 4 river valleys and 3 watersheds.
The train passes on it’s way to Mariazell 892m vertical difference, with the highest point in the tunnel of Gösing.